Reliance pledges to power Gujarat’s green growth ambitions: Key findings from Vibrant Gujarat Summit January 2024

The 10th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit this week was filled with excitement and at the centre of it was a bold commitment from Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). Chairman Mukesh Ambani pledged the group’s support in propelling Gujarat to become a global leader in green development, a move with far-reaching implications for the state and India’s renewable energy landscape.  


During the opening of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit on January 10, Ambani further stated that during the previous 10 years, Reliance has invested over $150 billion, or Rs 12 lakh crore, in building world-class assets and capacities throughout India. He said that about one-third of money has been invested in Gujarat. RIL’s commitment to the green development of Gujarat is an important step towards a sustainable future not only for the state but for India as a whole.

Reliance Industries Limited’s green growth pledge revolves around 5 key areas:

Renewable Energy Revolution:

Reliance aims to significantly contribute to Gujarat’s ambitious target of meeting half of its energy needs through renewable energy by 2030. This means setting up a massive 5,000-acre “Dhirubhai Ambani Green Energy Giga Complex” in Jamnagar, which will be operational by the end of. 2024. Expected increase in jobs, clean air and potential reduction in India’s dependence on fossil fuels.

5G and AI for sustainability:

Reliance will leverage cutting-edge technologies like 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize energy usage, monitor environmental impact and drive smart farming practices. AI-powered irrigation systems saving water and maximizing crop yields, or intelligent grids efficiently managing energy distribution, may not be something that is too ahead in the future.

Job Creation:

Green stimulus means green jobs! Reliance’s initiative is expected to create several new employment opportunities in areas such as renewable energy engineering, AI development and sustainable agriculture. This aligns perfectly with India’s growing focus on skills and employability.

Inclusive growth:

RIL emphasizes that the green transition should benefit everyone and not just a select few. Their commitment towards inclusive growth includes ensuring equitable access to the economic benefits of green jobs, skills training and a sustainable future. This aligns with India’s “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas” initiative.

Olympic Aspirations:

With India’s potential bid for the 2036 Olympics, Reliance Foundation plans to join forces with other partners to improve education, sports infrastructure and skill development in Gujarat. It may further support the development of future Olympians and highlight India’s dedication to physical well-being and international athletic success.

Beyond Gujarat: A National Impact

RIL’s ambitious plans in Gujarat will definitely have an impact at the national level. If this new project is successful in Gujrat, it may serve as a template for green growth, opening the door for its imitation throughout India. India’s aggressive climate targets can be met and its dependence on imported fossil fuels may decrease with a greater emphasis on renewable energy. In addition, the national economy may be strengthened and unemployment issues can be resolved through the development of skilled green jobs.

Reliance has promised to make Gujarat a pioneer in the circular economy and the application of cutting-edge materials. In order to do this, the business was establishing the first carbon fiber plant in India at Hazira. Ambani further expressed faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to make India’s economy worth 35 trillion dollars by 2047, the country’s 100th anniversary of independence, and predicted that Gujarat alone will reach a GDP of three trillion dollars.

Challenges and the way forward

Although the outlook is promising, challenges still remain. Important challenges to be addressed include building a trained workforce, guaranteeing the affordability of green technology, and expanding the infrastructure for renewable energy. Success will depend on how well government, business, and academics collaborate. With targeted efforts and strategic alliances, this expansive vision has the power to completely change India’s energy sector, generate green employment, and steer the nation toward a more affluent and sustainable future.


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