Japan Airlines Plane Collides with Earthquake Aid Aircraft at Tokyo Airport

Japan Airlines

Incident at Haneda Airport: Collision between Japan Airlines and Coast Guard aircraft

In a recent aviation incident at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, a Japan Airlines passenger plane collided with a coast guard plane. This tragic incident resulted in the loss of five lives aboard the small aircraft, which was en route to provide assistance following the recent earthquake.

Successful evacuation: Japan Airlines passengers and crew rescued safely

There is also a ray of hope amidst the chaos. All 379 passengers and crew on board the Japan Airlines plane managed to escape safely. Transport Minister Tetsuo Saito praised the orderly evacuation process. However, only one crew member of the coast guard aircraft survived, the captain survived but was injured. The exact cause of the accident is currently under investigation.

Results and reactions: Prime Minister’s appreciation and ongoing investigation

Following the incident, the Japan Airlines plane burst into flames, ultimately destroying it. Passengers shared their tragic experiences, and a coast guard plane on a mission to deliver supplies to earthquake-hit Ishikawa Prefecture tragically lost five of its six crew members. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida expressed regret over the incident and praised the dedication of the dead crew members. Meanwhile, Japan Airlines said the collision occurred on the runway or taxiway after the passenger plane had landed. Domestic flights at Haneda Airport were temporarily suspended due to the incident, while international flights were unaffected. The ongoing investigation is attempting to uncover the details of this rare aviation incident for Japan, a country that has not experienced a major commercial aviation accident in decades. The last significant incident occurred in 1985 when a Japan Airlines jumbo jet crashed, resulting in the tragic loss of 520 people


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