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ISRO launches XPoSAT: Exploring Cosmic Depths in 2024
The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) started the new year with the triumphant launch of its ground-breaking X-ray Polarimeter Satellite (XPoSat). The mission aims to understand the complexities...
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Japan Earthquake
Japan Earthquake Crisis 2024: Unusual Seismic Fury and Government Responses
Unprecedented earthquake crisis in Japan In an unprecedented seismic crisis, Japan was hit by a series of powerful earthquakes, 5-foot-high tsunami waves and alerts that echoed as far as Russia and Korea....
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Tom Wilkinson
Tom Wilkinson, Star of 'The Full Monty,' died at 75: A Cinematic Legacy Remembered
Tom Wilkinson, the two-time Oscar-nominated British actor best known for his extraordinary performances, including his memorable role in the iconic film "The Full Monty," has tragically passed away at...
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Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana
Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana boost: Government's New Year gift with increased rates
Here's a New Year gift from the government – they have decided to sweeten the deal for those investing in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana. Starting the fourth quarter of the financial year 2023-24, they have...
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Russia Featured
Russia-Ukraine War: Unprecedented Tragedy as Massive Missile Strikes Claim Dozens of Lives, Global Concerns Mount
Russia-Ukraine War - Dozens of people lost their lives in Ukraine in Russia's biggest missile bombing unprecedented destruction occurred. Ukraine has described it as Russia's most widespread missile bombardment...
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Delhi Fog
Delhi Fog: Flights and Trains Disrupted as Unprecedented Visibility Challenges Grip the Capital
Delhi Fog - On Saturday morning, dense fog covered parts of Delhi-NCR, resulting in extremely low visibility, which further has caused major delays in movement of flights and trains to and from the national...
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PM Modi's Ayodhya Visit: Inaugurates Rs 15,000 Crore Projects, Unveils Airport, and Promises World-Class Infrastructure
The day will culminate in a public event in which PM Modi will inaugurate several development projects at 1 pm, the total value of which is over Rs 15,000 crore. Of these, Rs 11,100 crore includes dedicated...
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atal-bihari-vajpayee-upscaled (1)
Atal Bihari Vajpayee's 99th Birthday: BJP’s Tribute to a Visionary Leader and National Icon!
Late former India Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a unique politician who was born on 25 December 1924 in the historical city of Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. He was elected Prime Minister of...
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Behind the Spotlight: Exploring Disturbing Allegations of Domestic Violence Against Renowned Motivational Speaker Vivek Bindra
There’s a scary story underlying the fight between motivational speaker Vivek Bindra and his spouse. A month into their union, Bindra is said to have beaten his wife viciously. Professionally, Vivek...
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Cricket Report: 3rd ODI NZ Vs BAN: Bangladesh Breaks the Jinx: Spectacular Triumph Over New Zealand
Even though Bangladesh lost the series, the national cricket team isn’t ready to give up on New Zealand. It’s the first time Bangladesh has secured a victory in a one-day international cricket...
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